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Testing ground of faith’

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Learn how the historical land of the Bible works through our study—

Regions on the Run

The Study: Why study Regions on the Run?

    The ‘historical land’ constantly emerges throughout the Bible

    Biblical events become actual events that happened in time and space

The Book: What is Regions on the Run?

    Learning the land of the Bible with maps, discussions, texts and charts

    Included is a six-page Gospel Outline with a two-page historical introduction

The Maps: Why do I need the seven Regional Study Maps?

    These 3-D relief maps let you trace and mark events on the actual land

    Some users purchase additional maps for reference or tracing other events

The Guide: Why do I need the Regional Study Guide?

    This guide is a free, online 108-page textbook in PDF format

    It fuses Regions on the Run and the Regional Study Maps into one study

Seeing the Bible played out on the land is exciting—and thus most users begin their study with Regions on the Run. The Introductory Study Package combines Regions on the Run, our seven Regional Study Maps and our free, online downloadable Regional Study Guide. After introducing the ‘Land Between’ the study turns to its three major arenas. The importance of these arenas emerges as one marks selected events on the seven large, 3D maps. The user has only to add a small set of marking pens to the book, maps and guide.



Historical land