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Testing ground of faith’


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The land of the Bible is one of the Bible’s best commentaries ...

it is what Biblical Backgrounds calls  ‘God’s testing ground of faith’

Make it your own

Asked what he had learned, an older African pastor and evangelist replied,
‘The Bible used to be way out there [with arms flung wide in the air],
now it’s right here—it’s mine!’ [drawing hands down to his chest].


What is context?

  1. The Bible embedded within its land—
    > Fragile, insecure, rain or no rain means life or death
    > Poetic imagery, prophetic proclamation and the Bible’s long historical record echo this land
    > Four-part video on the Judean Wilderness: Intro   Challenges   Psalms   Lessons

Context comes alive

  1. The land is the playing board of biblical history—
    > Local and imperial events unfold upon the land’s well-defined stage
    > Some of the Bible’s most compelling teaching arises from this stage
    > Two-part video on the Judean Lowlands, or ‘Shephelah’: Land   History

Knowing context

  1. Learn from those who have explored this playing board of biblical history—
    > Biblical Backgrounds’ staff have seen the impact that context makes
    > Teachers, pastors and students rediscover the Bible in its context
    > You are invited to join those who now read their Bible with new eyes

Nigerian Pastor