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Testing ground of faith’



Biblical Backgrounds provides free, downloadable

study guides for its printed products

3) Advance to Geobasics Study Guide for use with Geobasics in the Land of the Bible

                   In-depth study of rocks, soils, regions and routes in the land

                   Marking, discussion, succinct 'geobasics' lists, illustrative texts

1) Begin with the Regional Study Guide and its related materials (the Introductory Study Package)

   • For use with Regions on the Run and the Regional Study Maps

   User plots out twenty-four major events on large Regional Study Maps

Download/print: Part One—Northern Arena (v. 4.2; pp. 1-83)

Download/print: Part Two—Central Arena (v. 4.3; pp. 84-155)

Download/print: Part Three—Southern Arena (v. 4.3; pp. 156-201)

Download/print: Regional Study Guide (v. 7.0 in 108 pages)

Download/print: Regional Study Guide Supplement (v. 2.0 in 7 pages)

        —presents events of the Regional Study Guide in a chronological essay



Download/print: The Acts and the Apostles (v. 1.1 in 41 pages)

   —requires a minimum of two Middle East maps to avoid crowded markings

2) Try our new The Acts and the Apostles

   • User plots out thirty-four events from Acts and the century after +30

   All marking takes place on Regional Study Map 1: Middle East

Download/print: Geobasics Mini-Marking Guide—a shorter experience with Geobasics in the Land of the Bible (for use if you are short on time before a trip to Israel)

by Dr. Carl Rasmussen,

author of the

Zondervan Atlas of the Bible

Download/print (5 pages)

A brief study with our maps—

Geographical Markings